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Welcome to the brand new face of AllHeart Radio. As the world’s greatest radio station (ahum, even if we do say so ourselves!) we thought it was time for a little spruce up! After all, today is the start of some very exciting new developments at your favourite station.

A Huge Welcome to AllHeart Radio One and AllHeart Radio Two!

AllHeart22After over three years of AllHeart Radio, we decided to launch her first sister station – AllHeart Radio Two. It’s quite an exciting day for us in fact.

So, why do this?

Well, first of all, we have so many wonderful tunes to play here at AllHeart, we thought a second stream with even more great music to find and discover, was a really good idea. AllHeart Radio Two will bring a more diverse mix of UK and USA artists. With killer hits as the main focus output, the new station will also play a greater depth of slightly more rare tracks, songs that in some cases never get played on the radio any more. There is a definite synergy between our two stations though. We wanted the two stations to have a very similar style – with the launch of AllHeart Radio Two, we simply wanted to expand our acclaimed playlist a little further.

AllHeart11AllHeart Radio, our flagship and original station, is still here of course. But we thought it was right that we give it a number too!

So, you’ll still find us in all of your favourite radio directories and apps, but it will now (or very soon) show as AllHeart Radio One. You’ll be able to identify the two stations easily by the big identifying number in the station directory graphics.

Yes, it’s all change – and yet all the same too. We will continue to bring you the very best love songs, easy listening grooves and great feel good tunes. It’s what we love doing and it’s what we will continue to do for many years to come.