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From March 8th 2016, AllHeart Radio will begin playing advertising on the hour. After years of broadcasting commercial free, you can imagine what a difficult decision this was for us to take. We always wanted to be a totally free radio station. We’ve managed this for almost 17 years! But the marketplace is changing and AllHeart has grown immensely.

Bigger has meant more expensive

We have grown a massive fan base around the world. And, therein lies the difficulties we have had maintaining our free station status. Our success was actually our downfall in that respect. The more people who found us, the more people who tune in everyday, the more expensive it has become to keep our massively loved radio station on the air.

We are still playing plenty of music every hour

We wanted to try and make sure we can still survive without cutting listener numbers. We certainly didn’t want to cap the number of people who could tune in, and that was becoming a real possibility. We needed a plan. Advertising on AllHeart will ensure that we can continue to grow.

However, we didn’t want to swamp AllHeart with ads every 15 minutes. So, we decided that if we did indeed need to start to play adverts on air, we would limit this greatly. You will now hear 2 to 3 minutes of advertising every hour. And our breaks will always go out at around the top of each hour. We will then play 57 to 58 minutes of non stop, totally uninterrupted music! Not bad, eh? Well, we hope you’ll agree and be happy to stay with us during this transition.

Not everyone will hear ads at the moment. Eventually, these will be rolled out to our main advertising target areas. We’ve already started to play ads in the USA and parts of Europe. We will try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible.

If you’re interested in advertising on AllHeart, please contact our promotional partner TargetSpot – Click here

We’re here and growing stronger – and it’s all because of you

We know how much AllHeart means to you. We really do appreciate all of you tuning into what is very much a labour of love for us. The truth is, we want to be around for many years to come and lead the way, just as we have in the past. Our advertisers are now part of the AllHeart family, and we hope you will welcome them. With just a couple of minutes of choice ads an hour, the future of AllHeart looks assured.