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Welcome to AllHeart Radio. Today, we broadcast the greatest easy listening songs to our loyal listeners who tune in all over the world. If you have found us for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re quite new at this. In fact, AllHeart comes from a stable that has produced some incredible Internet Radio over the years. We are one of the worlds most experienced digital stations online.

It all started back in 1999, when we were one of the first radio stations to broadcast online. Using a then brand new service called Live365, suddenly the possibility of reaching large numbers of other Internet users had finally become a reality. We had tried using other software to broadcast, but Live365 was the first company to offer large listener base technology. It was easy to use and it offered us everything we could possibly need to get our first station on the air! It was the beginning for us and Radio UK One was born.

During the following few years, we began experimenting with other streaming software in a bid to reach even more listeners. Back then, the Internet was still this fairly fresh and new tool and few could have envisaged the way that it would eventually be used for media and broadcasting. We were always very excited about this technology. The fact that for the first time ever, smaller enterprises, radio stations without big bucks, could broadcast their own brand of radio station, was truly inspirational for us. It lighted our imagination.

It was in 2002 that we decided that the popularity of our ‘hobby station’ should be rewarded in a more focussed and professional manner. Even in those early days, our listener numbers were getting stronger by the month.

It was time. We decided to get serious!

Breeze Radio Was Born

In October 2002 we launched the now legendary Breeze Radio. Many of you remember this station with enormous affection. We had BIG plans for Breeze too. We left the Live365 platform and began using SHOUTcast on our own leased servers to help us reach an even bigger audience.

Our music policy was very much like it is today, although we played more albums and dedicated more of our broadcast hours to new soul music then. We also were a part of many young DJ’s early careers, many of whom have gone on to great things in professional broadcasting.

The sheer enormity of Breeze’s popularity was becoming clear to us. In 2006, we decided to go even further and looked at ways we could get onto other platforms. We looked closely at emerging technology and used as much leased space as we could afford on satellite radio. We were a part of experimental radio too, working alongside the big boys like Disney and Sirius to reach serious numbers of listeners, particularly in the US.

Our ultimate plan was to gain our own slot on the Sky platform. We weren’t short of ambition, that’s for sure! However, although energy and enthusiasm was never in short supply, money was. The costs at that time were simply astronomical for a radio station the size of Breeze.

It was definitely a learning curve for us though. We never stopped trying to up our game either. We leased professional quality studios from a music recording company in order to lift our game. It was a very exciting time, and looking back it was probably nothing more than our inexperience that prevented us from gaining the advantage we wanted.

In 2010, a new radio station group emerged in the UK using ‘The Breeze’ name. This station, owned by the company behind ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, started a confusing period for our internationally recognized Breeze Radio brand. By 2011, many people were emailing the wrong stations – those wanting us were contacting them, and vice versa. It was decided that something needed to be done.

Celador made us an offer to buy the Breeze Radio domains and we entered an agreement that would mean that we would cease using the Breeze Radio brand.

In 2012, we finally closed Breeze Radio and began a brand new journey…

The birth of AllHeart Radio

playerwindowOn 1st November 2012 AllHeart Radio was born. The emphasis this time was on killer tracks from the easy listening genre, mixed up with the best feel good tunes. Giving the station a lighter hearted feel, we soon began to gain popularity. Our playlist is solid and respected throughout the industry. The all-music-mix is one of the best in the world, and we are still adding to it, thanks to the continuing support and suggestions from our fantastic listeners.


Your Christmas Station

In December 2013, we launched our first Christmas radio station. Broadcasting a non stop festive playlist, it was a huge success from day one. In fact, in December 2014, the station reached over 1 million listeners, making ‘The Christmas Station’ not only one of the biggest internet stations, but one of the worlds biggest radio stations!  The station now broadcasts from November 1st to January 1st every year.

The Future

We are now very much focused on the Internet as the major radio platform of the future. Things have come on so far in the 16 years since we began broadcasting. The days of the satellite dish are numbered. DAB radio has it’s place, but as the Internet becomes more and more accessible, it too will seem limited when compared to the breadth of choice that the Internet offers.

LogoFULLSIZEWe are here to stay. Our listeners are loyal and the number of new people discovering us never ceases to amaze us. We love our station, just as much as you do too.

The past few years have been a roller coaster for us and we love what we do. It’s always been great fun being a part of your lives. AllHeart, like UK One and Breeze before us, is very much a, ever-growing labor of love. A love affair with radio that has a seemingly never-ending energy.

We all love AllHeart Radio. And long may that continue…